Annual blue penguin count 9-12 October

Look for penguin prints like these on your beach

The annual blue penguin census, where Coasters get out onto their local beach and look for penguin tracks, will take place a little later this year, around 9-12 October.

By mid October, most blue penguins are likely to be feeding chicks and going out on short foraging trips, possibly both adults leaving the chicks during the day, so there may well be more penguin tracks than in previous years when the census has been in August or September.

Every penguin lover on the coast is invited to have a walk on their local beach, early in the morning when the tide has gone out and penguin tracks will be fresh.  If you have a sandy beach, it should be a simple matter of counting the straight tracks down the beach towards the sea and then filling in a simple online form or dropping the Trust an email. 

Even better, you may like to take some photos while you’re out and share them with us!  We’d love to see photos of you, your friends and family out enjoying your beach and perhaps seeing penguin tracks and, with your permission, perhaps share them on facebook or with the local newspaper.

We have heard some good stories of penguin activity and the message of keeping dogs secure seems to be having a positive effect.  We look forward to hear about your census experience and your observations.

We have put all the information you’ll need, including a note about how to recognise penguin tracks as well as thinking about your safety, on our website census page.

Luke and Adam Garside inspect tracks during the 2013 census

Luke and Adam Garside inspect tracks during the 2013 census