Seabirds showcased in Cobden

bernie-fahey-installing-the-new-cobden-seabird-interpretation-signs-22-dec-2016-thumbnailThe West Coast Penguin Trust has installed three new panels showcasing the seabirds that may be seen at Cobden.

With support from the Blackadder Trust and the Grey District Council’s Signage, Interpretation and Public Art project, the Trust has designed the new panels to show penguins, coastal birds and seabirds. 

Trust Manager, Inger Perkins, said being a part of the Cobden Aromahana Sanctuary and Recreation Area project has been great.

“We offered support with seabird interpretation at the outset and we have been delighted to see the project grow in leaps and bounds.  These new panels are just a tiny part of this exciting scheme that will benefit the local community in many ways.”

The Trust is keen to share awareness of the presence of penguins and other seabirds in this area and the panels include the blue penguins that are occasionally seen in the area as well as rare terns, petrels, gulls, shags and even albatross. 

“A few of the birds depicted in the panels nest on the beach and shore in the Cobden area, particularly penguins of course, but also banded dotterels, oystercatchers and spotted shags.  The Sanctuary area will become a haven for wildlife as well as for recreation as restoration continues and to achieve the best possible balance for both, we’re encouraging dog owners to keep dogs on leads or under close control at all times.”

Cobden seabird panels pdf

seabird-panel-image penguin-panel-image coastal-birds-panel-image



Local builder, Bernie Fahey, installing the penguin panel at Cobden

Local builder, Bernie Fahey, installing the penguin panel at Cobden