Penguin Awareness Day, 20th January

Happy penguin awareness day blue penguin and flowersWe’ve just become aware of Penguin Awareness Day!  What can you do today, or any day, to share the love of penguins?

20th January is a special opportunity for penguin lovers around the world to share the penguin love, but of course any day is a great day to love penguins! 

Find out more about our West Coast penguins on our website, explore what others have to say about penguins, tell your friends about penguins … we’re sure there are plenty of ways to share the penguin love including making a donation to help protect more penguins!  It’s easy here using our fee free donation page: Givealittle donation page

Our penguin colleague, Dr Thomas Mattern, has put together a wonderful website about the Fiordland crested penguins in South Westland: The tawaki project and has put a superb collection of videos here for everyone to enjoy: Tawaki videos.

Another wonderful penguin aficionado is Dr Lisa Argilla of The Nest, Wellington Zoo, (The Nest).  Lisa has been taking care of two injured penguins from the West Coast and you can follow their story on our facebook page: WCPT Facebook

If you have a penguin story to share, please post it on our facebook page, or email it to, ideally with a photo or two, or even a video.

Happy penguin awareness day blue penguin and flowers