The Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count 2017

Lucy Waller finds penguin tracks, Sept 2016It’s back and it’s better!  The penguin count took a break last year, but it is back and you can help by taking a morning walk on your beach and recording any penguin tracks or other penguin observations in the NatureWatchNZ (iNaturalist) app.

The count will run from Thursday 5th to Wednesday 11th October across the West Coast, when low tides make finding penguin tracks on the beach easier and safer.

The West Coast Penguin Trust is inviting you to take an early morning walk on the beach to rediscover the beauty of the local coastline, to discover whether penguins are using the beach and to help them build a clearer picture of where blue penguins are on the West Coast.

NatureWatch calls itself the “online place for Kiwi nature watchers” and is used for many projects including the recent Great Kereru Count 2017.  Once installed on your computer, tablet or phone, the Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count is found under projects and it’s easy to add your observations, the most convenient way being to use the app on your phone as you go. 

Sometimes, a little prompt like this is what we need to enjoy and reconnect to our wonderful coast.  A morning walk on the beach is great for our physical and mental health, and you can help the Trust out at the same time.  The count overlaps with Mental Health Awareness Week and leads into Conservation Week and fits perfectly with both.

Get the app from the NatureWatchNZ website (it’s at the bottom of the page, or look for iNaturalist in your app store) and look for penguin count.  

Full details are on our Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count webpage.

Penguin tracks north of Hokitika

Penguin tracks north of Hokitika