The Westland Petrel – Close Up

Yesterday on TVNZ’s Close Up programme, the Trust’s media adviser, Robyn Janes, returned to a previous role as reporter for Close up and brought New Zealanders a glimpse of the Westland Petrel.  View the short film here: Private life of the Westland Petrel on Close Up

Although the Trust has a strong focus on little blue penguins, its mission is “To conserve and enhance blue penguins (korora) and other coastal birds on the West Coast.”  Protection of coastal habitat of course has wider benefits for native wildlife than for penguins alone. 

Te Papa’s Dr Susan Waugh and Dr Lara Shepherd have been leading a 2 year study into the foraging habits of the Westland Petrels.  Some of the findings are reported here, Westland Petrel foraging study on Te Papa blog, along with a short video showing the movement of some of the birds, including one that circumnavigated the South Island.