Trust Chair wins prestigious award

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand presented one of two Robert Falla Memorial Awards to Trust Chair, Kerry-Jayne Wilson, at the Penguin Symposium in Oamaru on 12th July 2012.  The award acknowledged the work of Kerry-Jayne Wilson in the field of ornithology and her contributions to the work of the society over many years.
The citation noted that, in the course of her work with Lincoln University and in much of her own time, Kerry-Jayne has worked tirelessly to clarify the biology and status of native bird species inNew Zealand.  The Trust is extremely fortunate to have Kerry-Jayne as its visionary leader and joins the OSNZ in acknowledging her work and congratulating her on her achievements.  
Kerry-Jayne’s ornithological compass has been unusually broad and diverse. It has extended from oceanic petrels in remote insular and mainland contexts to terrestrial species of coastal, forest and alpine environments. Whatever and wherever her species of interest, she has exemplified the virtues of researching, recording and reporting systematically. She possesses the instinct and ability of the natural historian, all too rare in the scientific community now, to interpret her knowledge and discoveries for specialist and lay audiences alike, in terms and language accessible to all.  The full citation can be read here: OSNZ Citation, Robert Falla Award – Kerry-Jayne Wilson