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First Annual Supporters add to summer donations
16th February, 2013

Penguinville brought in donationsThe Trust’s new Annual Supporter option, launched in the recent Summer Newsletter, is off to an impressive start with nearly $500 raised in donations already.  On top of that, donations collected at sites and events in recent weeks, as well as takings and donations from Driftwood & Sand and Penguinville in Hokitika, totalled around $900. Read more

Popular workshop and talk in Punakaiki
11th February, 2013

Reuben Lane presents a trapping workshop at the Pancake Rocks Cafe, PunakaikiTrust Ranger, Reuben Lane, hadn’t expected the small crowd that turned up to learn about trapping at Punakaiki on Friday. Read more

Meet the Trust in Punakaiki
20th January, 2013

Reuben Lane trapping workshopThe WC Blue Penguin Trust will be in Punakaiki on 8 February for a supporter meeting (10am), trapping workshop (7pm) and illustrated talk (8pm), all of which are open to interested locals and visitors and free of charge. Read more

Weather and action heats up for Penguinville
15th January, 2013

Driftwood and Sand festival at Hokitikaand for the Driftwood & Sand festival on Hokitika’s beach, 21-27 January.

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Urban penguins not surviving in Hokitika
6th January, 2013

juvenile penguin - died 6 hours later 28 Dec 12Sadly two little blue penguins from the north end of Hokitika’s town beach didn’t make it to the new year. 

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Penguinville is coming
7th December, 2012

Popular Penguinville is returning to Hokitika beach as part of Hokitika’s Driftwood & Sand Festival.  Over the last three years hundreds of children have enjoyed making elaborate penguin houses at Penguinville.  This year the festival will run from 21 to 27 January 2012.  Ranger Reuben Lane will also be back running his penguin painting workshop.

A penguin burrow at penguinville

Juveniles are out exploring
25th November, 2012

A report came in to the DOC hotline today about a penguin trapped in a hole in a garden in Hokitika.  Read more

Penguins (and Ranger) star in schools TV
13th November, 2012

Reuben Lane, Trust Ranger, introduced thousands of school children to little blue penguins last week when he appeared in a LEARNZ virtual field trip.

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Desktop penguins
24th October, 2012

Little Blue PenguinWould you like to be welcomed to your computer by a little blue penguin or two?  The Trust has made some wonderful images available for you to download as desktop images here.

Spring Newsletter available now
7th October, 2012

Welcome to our packed Spring Newsletter!  Spring Newsletter 2012  A lot has been happening since the last newsletter … Read more