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Cape Foulwind project underway
7th September, 2011

Kerry-Jayne and Helene at the site

The project which will see public viewing of Blue Penguins and Sooty Shearwaters at Cape Foulwind has taken its first step.

Last month Solid Energy committed to funding the project for the next two years. Trust chair woman Kerry-Jayne Wilson and temporary ranger Helene Roehl have now put the first penguin nesting boxes and new predator traps in.

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Census a success
17th August, 2011

Brooke & Krista Noble and their grandad Peter Cudmore at Hokitika beach

Over 80 West Coasters took to the beaches between the 13th and 16th of August as part of the annual West Coast Blue Penguin Trust census.

Hardy Coaster’s braved the early morning chill to count blue penguin prints on beaches from Karamea to Haast. Final results are still a month away but many volunteers did mention that they saw a lot of dog prints around the penguin prints which is worrying.

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Guides help out at Cobden Beach
15th August, 2011

Guides at Cobden beach

On Wednesday 10 August Trustee Ian Davidson-Wattts and co-ordinator Robyn Janes spent time with the Greymouth girl guides.  After a talk about penguins everyone went down to Cobden beach to listen and look for blue penguins coming in.  Sadly none were seen or heard but we will continue to check as part of the Northern breakwater ecological project.

Census is coming
2nd August, 2011

Photo taken by ranger Reuben Lane

The annual blue penguin census will take place this year between the 13th and 16th of August.

These dates have been picked because low tides will range from 4.20am to 6.10am meaning volunteers don’t have to get up too early to look for signs of blue penguins on the beach.  Breeding will be in full swing at this time.

Volunteers are asked to walk sections of the beach early in the morning to count penguin prints.  While not scientific it provides valuable information about trends in penguin numbers.  At last years census the Scouts found evidence of penguins north of Hokitika, which has resulted in a the habitat restoration project.

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Kiwi dog looks for penguins
8th July, 2011

Kiwi dog sky hunts for penguins

DOC and the Penguin Trust have taken the unusual step of using a Kiwi dog to sniff out penguins. Kiwi dog Sky was put into action on Wednesday 7 July.  The first step involved her being taken to some known penguin burrows to make sure she knew what to sniff for.  Next week she’ll be taken to the Cobden breakwater area to see if she can find penguin burrows there.

Blue Penguin Trust finalist in business excellence awards
15th June, 2011

Trustee Rebecca Gibson is filmed for the awards night

The West Coast Blue Penguin Trust is delighted to be a finalist in the West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards.  The Trust has made the top three in the Community / Charity Organisation category.

Trustee Rebecca Gibson says it is an honour to have been chosen.

“It is a wonderful achievement for the Trust and shows we are seen as a serious and effective conservation body on the Coast,” she says.

Award winners will be announced at a function on the 8th of July.

Monitoring results presented to Ornithological Society
13th June, 2011

Kerry-Jayne Wilson presented a paper to the Ornithological Society in early June.  The paper looked at breeding success in colonies with and without predator control and was the result of three years monitoring at Charleston and two years monitoring in South Westland.  Surprisingly results showed traffic and dogs are more of a threat to blue penguins than stoats on the West Coast.

Check out the research section of the website to read an abstract of the research paper.

Disappointing start to penguin breeding season
7th June, 2011

Dead penguins found on beach a few years ago

There has been a disappointing start to the penguin breeding season with three penguins found dead within a few weeks.

Two of the penguins had been killed by dogs and another by a vehicle on the Coast Road.

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Trust available for school visits
31st May, 2011

Co-ordinator Robyn Janes talks to Grey Main School children

The Trust is always keen to talk to schools about the blue penguin.  Contact if you interested in arranging a visit.

Penguin trust hits the road
4th May, 2011

Reuben Lane and Jill Cotton talk to children from Haast school

Members of the trust have been travelling from one end of the Coast to the other spreading the word about blue penguins, other seabirds and the latest trapping techniques.

Trust ranger Reuben Lane and member Jill Cotton are seen here at Haast school. Read more