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World Penguin Day, 25 April 2018
20th April, 2018

blue penguin on nestWorld Penguin Day is an opportunity, shared around the world, to celebrate penguins.  In New Zealand and Australia, the date is shared with a far more important day of remembrance as it falls on 25th April, Anzac Day.  But we can still spare a thought for the penguins… Read more

Fiordland crested penguin talk on YouTube
2nd March, 2018

Tawaki - by Robin LongTrustee and Tawaki Ranger, Robin Long, gave an illustrated talk at Westland District Library recently and it’s now available to view and listen to at your leisure on YouTube.

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Community Conservation Symposium June 2018 – programme announced
14th February, 2018

CCS_logo9We are delighted and excited to announce the programme for the Community Conservation Symposium, presented by the West Coast Penguin Trust in Greymouth (Shantytown) on 14th June with local field trips on 15th June 2018.

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Westland petrel threats better understood
9th January, 2018

Westland petrel. Photo: Rod MorrisThe threats to Westland petrels are many and diverse, not least among them being the tiny breeding area.

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Subantarctic island seabird survey published
18th December, 2017

Subantarctic skua nesting on Ewing Island 2013-14 AAE - KJ WilsonSubantarctic island seabirds were monitored on an expedition four years ago and the findings, showing some decline, have just been published.

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More predator traps to protect Cape Foulwind’s seabirds
5th December, 2017

GoodNature A24-Rat-Stoat-TrapAs the penguin breeding season comes to a close, the sooty shearwaters are preparing for their own breeding season and the Trust is installing new traps to help.

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Bumper year for Westland petrels!
5th December, 2017

Westland petrel chick during banding Nov 2017Westland petrel chicks are fledging now and the annual chick check found high survival rates … and chunky chicks.

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Improved tawaki season at Jackson Head
5th December, 2017

The Tawaki Project pair of fiordland crested penguins cMonitoring of Fiordland crested penguins (tawaki) for the fourth breeding season has come to an end and initial comments are that it was better than the two last disastrous years … but could have been better. 

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Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count
1st November, 2017

NatureWatch mapNatureWatch has proved to be a useful tool for recording penguin tracks, which have been counted and reported over the length of the West Coast!

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Tracking tawaki in Milford Sound
20th October, 2017

Tawaki with two chicks Milford Oct 2017 Kerry-Jayne Wilson rTrust Chair, Kerry-Jayne Wilson spent a week in Milford Sound earlier this month helping Dr Thomas Mattern from The Tawaki Project, and filed this report.

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