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More predator traps to protect Cape Foulwind’s seabirds
5th December, 2017

GoodNature A24-Rat-Stoat-TrapAs the penguin breeding season comes to a close, the sooty shearwaters are preparing for their own breeding season and the Trust is installing new traps to help.

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Bumper year for Westland petrels!
5th December, 2017

Westland petrel chick during banding Nov 2017Westland petrel chicks are fledging now and the annual chick check found high survival rates … and chunky chicks.

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Improved tawaki season at Jackson Head
5th December, 2017

The Tawaki Project pair of fiordland crested penguins cMonitoring of Fiordland crested penguins (tawaki) for the fourth breeding season has come to an end and initial comments are that it was better than the two last disastrous years … but could have been better. 

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Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count
1st November, 2017

NatureWatch mapNatureWatch has proved to be a useful tool for recording penguin tracks, which have been counted and reported over the length of the West Coast!

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Tracking tawaki in Milford Sound
20th October, 2017

Tawaki with two chicks Milford Oct 2017 Kerry-Jayne Wilson rTrust Chair, Kerry-Jayne Wilson spent a week in Milford Sound earlier this month helping Dr Thomas Mattern from The Tawaki Project, and filed this report.

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Education round up
4th October, 2017

St Patricks plaster of Paris foot prints July 2017 1 rLucy Waller, Education Ranger, has been working with local schools as they make the most of the Trust’s educational resource. 

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The Great Annual West Coast Blue Penguin Count 2017
2nd October, 2017

Lucy Waller finds penguin tracks, Sept 2016It’s back and it’s better!  The penguin count took a break last year, but it is back and you can help by taking a morning walk on your beach and recording any penguin tracks or other penguin observations in the NatureWatchNZ (iNaturalist) app.

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Collaboration and partnerships for tawaki
4th September, 2017

Fiordland crested penguins, Jan 2006, Open Bay Island Inger (low res)The West Coast Penguin Trust and The Tawaki Project have been working together for the past three years and have recently formed The Tawaki Coalition to present a single voice for tawaki to our new conservation partners, Wellington Zoo and Taronga Zoo (Sydney).

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Blue penguins feature for Year 10
15th August, 2017

NZ curriculum logo croppedWith input from the Trust, Buller High School senior science teacher, Erica Jar, has developed class notes for the Year 10 ecology curriculum that focus on local wildlife – blue penguins.

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Study into the effects of artificial lights on seabirds
12th July, 2017

Westland petrel, nzbirdsonline, Patrick Shortley cWhile light pollution is a growing concern around the world, a wide ranging three year study funded by the European Union, including a “global review of seabird mortality in relation to land-based artificial lights” has identified ways to minimise the negative effect of artificial lights on penguins and shearwaters. Read more