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West Coast Blue penguins not dying like ones in east
24th January, 2011

Little blue penguins on the West Coast of the South Island appear to be surviving La Nina weather conditions, unlike penguins on the East Coast which are reportedly dying in their hundreds.

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Chicks fledge
24th December, 2010

Photo by Doug Baker

December means most young penguins have fledged and left the protection of their parents to make their way in the world. These chicks, photographed by Doug Baker at Camerons, south of Greymouth, are about four days old. Chicks are guarded by their parents usually for 20-30 days. They fledge between 48-63 days.

2010 Census results
21st December, 2010

The latest census results are available now
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Confirmed replacement clutching
30th November, 2010

West Coast Blue Penguin Trust ranger Reuben Lane has observed the first recorded case of replacement clutching on the West Coast.  Read more

Penguins on television
16th November, 2010

Jim Mora and the TVNZ6 crew filming penguin prints near Hokitika.

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