West Coast Blue Penguin Trust Outputs 2005-2010

Scientific programme outputs.

Refereed  Journal Articles.

Heber, S., Wilson, K-J. & Molles, L. 2008. Breeding biology and breeding success of the blue penguin (Eudyptula minor) on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 35; 63-71.

Theses and Dissertations

Kunz, J. 2009. The spatial distribution of Blue penguin (Eudyptula minor) nests in South Westland and Buller region, New Zealand. MINC thesis, Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany, and Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Braidwood, J. 2009. Breeding biology and threats to blue penguins (Eudytula minor) in South Westland, New Zealand. MINC thesis, Lincoln University, New Zealand and Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany.

Heber, S. 2007. The breeding biology of the  blue penguin (Eudyptula minor) on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island – steps towards conservation of a declining population. M.Sc thesis, Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany.

Blyth, R.M. 2007. Seabird conservation in New Zealand: a review of the threats faced by New Zealand seabirds. B.Sc. (Hons) dissertation, Lincoln University, New Zealand.  *

Conference presentations

Braidwood, J., Kunz, J. & Wilson, K-J. 2009. The effect of proximity to habitat features on the breeding success of blue penguins (Eudyptula minor), West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. 5th Australasian Ornithological Conference, Armidale, N.S.W., 29 November – 4 December 2009. Abstract published Australasian Seabird Bulletin 51; 19.

Wilson, K-J. & Mayhew, K. 2009. Getting the message out 1, working with community groups. 5th Australasian Ornithological Conference, Armidale, N.S.W., 29 November – 4 December 2009. Abstract published Australasian Seabird Bulletin 51; 17.

Wilson, K-J.,  Blyth, R., Heber, S. & Chambers, H. Conservation of the Blue Penguin (Eudyptula minor) on the  West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Oamaru Penguin Symposium, Oamaru, 26-27 June 2008.

Reedy, J., Gibson, R. & Barber, R. The West Coast Blue Penguin Trust: a powerful example of community conservation. Oamaru Penguin Symposium, Oamaru, 26-27 June 2008.

Blyth, R., Wilson, K-J., Heber, S., Chambers, H. & Cotton, J. Conservation of the blue penguin Eudyptula minor on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Ornithological Society of New Zealand, Scientific Day, Kaikoura, 31 May 2008.

Blyth, R. & Wilson, K-J. 2007. The current status of New Zealand seabirds: what do we know? 4th Australasian Ornithological Conference, Perth, 2-5 December 2007. *

Wilson, K-J. 2007. Threats to the Blue Penguin (Eudyptula minor) on the West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Little Penguin Workshop, 6th International Penguin Conference, Hobart, Australia, 3-7 September 2007.

Other published articles

Wilson, K-J. & Carlile, N. 2010. ASG seabird symposium at the 2009 Australasian Ornithological Congress – Status and conservation of Australasian seabirds. Australasian Seabird Bulletin 51; 3-4.

Unpublished Reports

Blyth, R., Charteris, M. & Wilson, K-J. 2008. Distribution of blue penguins (Eudyptula minor) between the Heaphy River mouth and Jackson Head, West Coast, South Island New Zealand. 79 pages. Published by The West Coast Blue Penguin Trust

Wilson, K-J. 2008. Establishment of petrel colonies and other ideas on restoration options for Long Point and Cosgrove Stream, Catlins. Report prepared for the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, Dunedin.

Blyth, R., Mazzagetti, D., Sutton, P., Wilson, K-J., Molles, L., Chambers, H. & Cotton, J. 2006. Timing of the breeding season and survey of the blue penguin (Eudyptula minor) between the Taramakau and Mokihinui Rivers, West Coast, South Island New Zealand. Lincoln University Wildlife Management Report No. 36. 37 pages.

*Outputs that arose from work with the Trust but were not directly relevant to the Trusts objectives.

Written submissions

Miller, S. 2009. Submission to the West Coast Marine Protection Forum Hearing, from the West Coast Blue Penguin Trust, 28/9/09.

Educational leaflets

Dog management leaflet. Explains the threats unrestrained dogs pose to wildlife. Distributed to all owners of registered dogs on the West Coast.
Community Trapping programme.

One of the tasks of the Trust Ranger is to provide training, traps and support for community groups that wish to undertake predator control for the protection of penguins.

June 2008,  trapping workshop attended by residents from Nine Mile Bay (Grey District), Pahutane and Punakaiki.  All three of these community groups have now established trap lines in their local patches.

Previously established community based predator control programmes are run by Trust volunteers at Camerons and Okarito.  The Trust provides materials and other support for these groups.

Blue penguin Korora and Predator Road-shows

The Trust in association with the New Zealand Landcare Trust has run two Penguin-Predator Road-shows, one in 2006, the other in 2007. During each a full day of talks and workshops on penguin biology and predator trapping have been presented and each year these were repeated at three different locations on the West Coast. The objectives of the road-shows have been to increase public awareness of penguins and predators and provide practical advice to people wanting to help protect penguins.

Educational and advocacy presentations.

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A meeting with Westland Milk Products in mid-April to discuss the issue, in light of the fact that heavy vehicles are partially responsible, led to an invitation for Karen to be involved in driver awareness at WMP.  She gave a presentation to all 70 tanker drivers.

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West Coast Blue Penguin Mortality Database.

The Blue Penguin Mortality Database records the date, location and cause of death of all penguins found dead on the West Coast. By knowing the place and cause of death management strategies can be devised to enhance penguin conservation. The major causes of penguin deaths to date are road-kills and dogs. Of the 66 deaths recorded 51 are attributable to road-kills with 48 of these on coastal sections of the road between Westport and Greymouth.

Most road kills occur at a few localised stretches of road between Charleston and Punakaiki. Solutions being investigated include promoting driver awareness, in particular among local truckers, fences, underpasses and placement of nest boxes on the seaward side of the road. Addressing the road-kill issue is currently one of the Trust’s priorities.

Dog kills are a second serious problem in particular at popular beaches close to Greymouth and Westport and anecdotally near river mouths during the whitebait season.