The Blue Penguin (Korora) and Fiordland Crested Penguin (Tawaki)

The blue penguin is the world’s smallest penguin at just 35-43cm tall, and weighs a little over 1kg.  It is found in many places around New Zealand and Australia and is a protected native species. 

The second penguin on the West Coast is the Fiordland crested penguin or tawaki, which is listed as Nationally Endangered and is likely to be the second rarest penguin in the world and probably the most enigmatic and least understood. Read more about our tawaki project here.

The blue penguin population is declining throughout New Zealand. On the West Coast it is estimated blue penguins only number in the high hundreds to low thousands.  Blue penguins need our protection from coastal development, predators, dogs and traffic and we’re working on these issues with your help.

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The West Coast Penguin Trust

The West Coast Penguin Trust is a charitable trust.  Its aim is to conserve the blue penguins, Fiordland crested penguins, other threatened seabirds and their habitat on the West Coast.  The Trust raises funds, conducts research and implements practical projects relating to penguins in particular, as well as to other birds subject to similar threats.

Here’s a new 45second video made for the Trust as a finalist in the West Coast Leading Light Awards 2015.

Latest news

Good year for Cape Foulwind sooty shearwaters
January 23rd, 2017

Reuben Lane checking sooty shearwater burrows with burrowscope, Cape Foulwind, Jan 2017Reuben Lane and Kerry-Jayne Wilson inspected sooty shearwater burrows at Cape Foulwind last Friday and breeding success looks better than ever.

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Seabirds showcased in Cobden
December 24th, 2016

bernie-fahey-installing-the-new-cobden-seabird-interpretation-signs-22-dec-2016-thumbnailThe West Coast Penguin Trust has installed three new panels showcasing the seabirds that may be seen at Cobden. Read more

Penguins for Christmas
December 23rd, 2016

christmas-blue-penguin-borrowed-from-phillip-islandAre you still struggling for Christmas gift ideas?
We have two ideas for you! How about the symbolic adoption of a penguin as a gift? That way you, the recipient and the penguins will be happy! Read more

Penguins, science and history combine in climate study
November 27th, 2016

ll15-184-kerry-jayne-wilson-leading-light-awards-night-2015Trust Chair, Kerry-Jayne Wilson, is one of many contributing authors to an important scientific paper using tree-rings and both past and recent weather records to analyse climate variation in the New Zealand sub-Antarctic region since the 1870’s.

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Year round NatureWatch replaces census
September 26th, 2016

NatureWatch butterfly logoOnce a year for the past ten years, the West Coast Penguin Trust has been inviting you to take an early morning walk on the beach to count blue penguin tracks, but now you can record penguins or their tracks quickly and easily at any time of year through NatureWatch.

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Trust Patron receives Forest & Bird’s top honour
September 18th, 2016

Craig PottonConservationist, photographer, publisher and Patron of the West Coast Penguin Trust, Craig Potton has received Forest & Bird’s highest honour with his naming as a Distinguished Life Member in recognition of more than four decades’ service to conservation.

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Predators and penguins
September 13th, 2016

Reuben Lane, Trust RangerPredator Free NZ recently interviewed our Ranger, Reuben Lane, about predator control for penguins on the Coast.

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Tumbleweed Tees for Tawaki!
September 11th, 2016

Tumbleweed tees close upTumbleweed Tees have created a stunning Fiordland crested penguin or tawaki image for their tee shirts and will donate $5 to the Trust for every adult shirt sold.

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Include a Charity Week
September 5th, 2016

West Coast and Coast RoadInclude a Charity’ launched in NZ last year and this year their annual campaign runs from 5 – 11 September.  Its aim is to raise the profile of charitable gifts in Wills and provide an opportunity for charities like ours to convey their importance.

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Fiordland crested penguins everywhere
August 31st, 2016

Skinny tawaki 3 July 2016A curious and perhaps worrying thing has been happening in recent weeks.  Since 3 July, and after months of not seeing any, nearly 20 tawaki have turned up on beaches between Okarito and Karamea.

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Family Spheniscidae
Maori Name Korora
Scientific Name Eudyptula minor
Common Names Little Penguin, Blue Penguin, Little Blue Penguin, Fairy Penguin
Colour Slate blue plumage; white chin, throat and shirt front; blue-grey flippers
Standing height 35-43cm
Flipper length 11-13cm
Weight Avg. 1100-1200g
Breeding range New Zealand, Chatham Islands, Southern Australia

Brief introduction to the work of the Trust

Green Ribbon Award Winners logoLeading LIght Business Awards Category Winner 2012

Leading Light 2015_Badges_winner

image from leading light video 2015

Brief video updating the work of the Trust for the Leading Light Awards, 2015

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